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Di Battista Katz Grant Cobbina LLP is a Toronto, Ontario-based family law firm specializing in all areas of family law such as divorce, child custody and access, and domestic agreements (i.e. cohabitation agreements, marriage contracts and separation agreements).

At DKGC LLP, we advocate for our clients and their rights.  It’s not just our duty, it’s our privilege.

Our Areas of Practice:

Prenuptial Agreements / Marriage Contracts

Common-Law Marriage

Separation Agreements

Mediation and Arbitration


Same-Sex Divorce

Child Support

Child Decision-Making and Parenting Time

Spousal Support

Property Division

Child Relocation

Spousal and Child Support Variations

Domestic Violence and Assault

Marital Hidden Assets and Fraud

Grandparents’ Rights

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At DKGC LLP, we advocate for our clients and their rights.  It’s not just our duty, it’s also our privilege.