“Andrea Di Battista is a brilliant lawyer. She represented me in court for a family matter and successfully got me what I deserved. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and most of all is a lawyer with a heart. She really listened and understood me and my concerns while representing me. This kind of lawyer is a rare find. I would highly recommend her.”

Ismat Ali

“My lawyer Lisa was committed, timely, cared to get to know me, and most importantly was knowledgable. It’s fair to say that this was a fairly stressful time for me, but one thing I didn’t stress about was the legal council I received. Lisa was able to individualize my experience in order to meet my particular needs and I appreciated her honesty and expertise.”
Auni Boghossian

“Recently I had Alex Grant prepare a marriage contract and found the experience truly exceptional. Ms. Grant was totally on top of every possible scenario for us and I was truly impressed with everything. Never did I feel that she wasted time or suggest things that did not make sense. I would definitely recommend Alex for family matters. She knew her work and I felt totally comfortable all the time. A real refreshing change!”

Wally Tomaszek
“I cannot thank Efua Cobbina enough for what she has done. Her work can only be described as outstanding! She is a remarkable person who is dedicated to her work and commitment. She has a high degree of empathy, compassion and fastidious attention to detail. A lovely and genuine person who really cares.”
Nargis Mithani
“Andrea is a great lawyer. At times of desperation and despair during my divorce, I am happy that I found such an experienced and powerful lawyer in my corner. She was knowledgeable, experienced, relentless and well-spoken in the courtroom.”

J. Chan

“A close friend recommended Lisa Katz to help me with my separation. Very professional, with excellent results.”

David McNamee

“Alex Grant is a wonderful support through a difficult process. Her understanding and objective guidance helps keep the focus on what truly matters and on working to reach a timely resolution. With Alex you know that you’ve been heard and that she is working for your best interests.”

Doug Baba

“I had the pleasure of working with Efua Cobbina on a complex legal matter. Efua answered my questions efficiently while emphasizing practical workable solutions to an otherwise complicated matter. She is very knowledgeable, personable and a highly skilled negotiator and problem solver. I would gladly refer her to anyone needing a family lawyer.”


“Andrea was with me through the final stages of negotiation, and she was very stern while attending to my emotional needs. She kept me at ease and feeling comfortable throughout the whole process. She’s an amazing individual and I couldn’t have obtained today’s result without her.”

Josie Giancroce

“Ms. Di Battista took time to review my agreement and ensured the proper amendments were made under the law. She quickly removed the fears I had and explained my rights in detail. She also has a number of budget friendly options to accommodate your financial needs. I would highly recommend contacting Ms. Di Battista to anyone going through a divorce, before your ex does.”

Wayne Parris
“I had the great experience to deal with Andrea Di Battista and she was very focused on my concerns and getting my separation agreement done to best represent myself and protect my rights as a father with my daughter. She knows the law inside and out and was very professional and provided the right guidance in a very empathetic way. I would have no issues in recommending her to anyone that finds themselves in this situation.”

Paul B.

“My experience with Andrea for a family law issue was fabulous. She listens completely and she quickly cuts straight to the point for solutions. Because of her thinking outside the box with an effective solution, it has pushed my case in my favour.”

Sharon Chisholm

“Andrea Di Battista has done a wonderful job guiding the tricky and often uncomfortable process with the proper legal information and straight up advice. Her open and honest approach is refreshing and her consideration for all parties involved is reflective of her good nature. I feel that I can reach out to Andrea with any assistance I may need in the future.”


“My case, like some divorce cases, was lengthy and emotionally challenging; Andrea’s support made it possible for me to go on. Andrea is an intelligent, professional and personable lawyer with extensive knowledge and experience in family law. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a top-notch family lawyer.”

Eric Lo

“I cannot recommend Andrea and her assistant Shaina highly enough. Andrea is empathetic, highly knowledgable and a skilled lawyer. She helped me navigate through a highly stressful situation with understanding and clear, professional advice. In court she was outstanding! Organized, efficient and quick to find resolution – I would not use another lawyer.”

Anna Jung

“Alex Grant’s professionalism and expertise during my family law issue was excellent. Her advice was both comforting and supportive. I am very pleased with outcome of the case thanks to Alex.”

Colleen Cavanaugh

“My experience with Andrea was simply awesome. She was a great balance of professional and friendly. She understood my stressful family situation and was able to give me the valuable legal advice I was seeking to move forward in difficult times. She endeavours to settle your matter efficiently and out of court whenever possible. However should you need her to represent you in court her reputation proceeds her in the legal community. I have recommended Andrea to friends and colleges many times and all have had positive experiences and results.”

Michael Lavery

“When I first spoke to Andrea Di Battista on the phone, I knew this was going to be a great relationship. Her down-to-earth personality makes you feel so at ease, she promptly answers all of your questions and concerns and she is so incredibly smart and knowledgeable. Not only that, but she really does go out of her way to ensure that you get the results you want. She is the perfect combination of sympathetic and professional… I believe that is why we connected so well! I would recommend her a million times over.”

Stefania Ciffolillo

“Andrea Di Battista fought for the best possible outcome for me in my nasty divorce. She was tough and firm on the job, with craft, care and inspiration on call continuously.”

Deborah Barnett

“Lisa was amazing in a time that was very difficult for me. She is professional, prompt and empathetic. She is well written, spoken and knowledgeable. I felt supported and her law clerk Christine is absolutely amazing as well. Family law and divorce is messy and full of emotion – their patience and guidance was exceptional. Thank you!”

Name Withheld

“Few things in life will challenge you emotionally like family conflict will. Whether it is the dissolution of a marriage, child custody, or even estate planning, you need the right mix of compassion and pragmatism when seeking counsel. I have been a client of Andrea DiBattista since 2010 and can say that she has both the skills and sensibilities to navigate through any challenge. She is diligent in her approach to seeking a successful resolution, while considering the special needs of each situation. Simply put, she cares about her clients. Do not hesitate to call her.”

Kevin Pollock

“Efua, who handled my separation agreement, was again well-prepared, easy to understand, and efficient at my recent consultation. I went in with many questions and concerns and left with my mind fully at ease.”


“When I first separated, I was referred by professional acquaintances to a couple different downtown lawyers – the experience with them was so bad as to be a factor in an attempted reconciliation. When that didn’t work, I cold-called Lisa based on her online profile. Best decision I made. The process (while obviously not fun) was tolerable, and I am more than happy with the outcome she secured for me. If you enjoy conflict and want to win, then stick to the frothing-at-the-mouth set downtown. But if you are human and want to achieve a fair outcome you can live with (and explain to your kids), then I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough.”

Name Withheld

“Very positive experience with Andrea Di Battista. She was very knowledgeable and had a quick comprehension of key facts and important details. I definitely recommend Andrea as a family lawyer!”


“Alex Grant has been an intelligent, knowledgeable, attentive and effective advocate. I have felt understood and have had very difficult situations managed swiftly and with care.”

Penelope Park

“I had a positive experience. Andrea Di Battista is a very pleasant, polite, sharp professional who made me feel at ease during my separation process. A huge thanks for helping me to save some money, taking in consideration my financial status. She is one of the best – I highly recommend her. Another person that I have just good words to write about is the very polite, smart, very hard working law clerk Christine Di Battista, never giving up on me, pushing me to fight more for myself. A huge appreciation for her work.”

Margareta Lifschitz

“Andrea Di Battista handled my family law case. Andrea is exceptionally competent, thorough and pragmatic. She is able to maintain a professional line of dialogue with opposing counsel, including managing aggressive tactics, using her deep understanding of the law, credibility in front of judges and an unwavering positive, pleasant disposition. She is able to quickly grasp attendant risks in a case and always advocates full transparency for both sides of the dispute. I highly recommend Andrea, especially for cases involving complex financial elements.”

Ken Rowland

“Ms. Andrea L. Di Battista is amazing. I was fortunate enough to have a consultation service with her regarding some difficult family issues. She is very professional, patient and passionate. She not only provided me with valuable advice but also explained to me all the options in detail. She listened to my concerns carefully and made me feel confident. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help regarding family law!”

Lydia Yu

“Lisa was very thorough when preparing and executing my separation agreement and divorce. She made a difficult process very effortless for me.”

Name Withheld

“Things got worse with my son’s mother due to unforeseen circumstances. After she had me arrested with false allegations, I had to leave without my son. Not only did Andrea take care of the criminal case to have the charges cleared, with the help of Efua they both represented me to gain custody of my son. Not all cases are the same – this I know. But if you have the right law firm representing you, you can at least have a fighting chance.”

Mark Old

“Efua Cobbina has been an invaluable resource and incredible shoulder to lean on as I continue to not only plan my own future, but also make key decisions for my family. Without Efua, I have no idea where I would be. Thank you, Efua!”

Mark N.

“Andrea has helped a number of my friends in the past. They only say how dedicated and professional she was throughout their difficult circumstances, as she was with me. They all comment on how she made them feel in control again, and that she provided them with a tremendous relief, after feelings of loss and despair. We all appreciate not only Andrea’s legal expertise in family matters but her caring way of dealing with each client. Andrea now has one more of my friends to take care of in the future. There is no one else I would trust them with!”

Stephen Steele

“I found Andrea Di Battista through a referral. Andrea is an expert in family law – she is simply amazing! I highly recommend her to anybody that is in need of a family lawyer. She is one of a kind, she really cares and puts herself in your shoes. Her law clerk, Shaina Orr, is an amazing assistant as well. There’s no fooling around with these two! I can almost guarantee that whoever hires Andrea Di Battista will have a great experience as I did.”

Giovanni Cirinna

“Thanks to Alexandrea Grant. I was provided top notch professional service. Highly recommend Alex for any of your family law matters.”

Kerry Singer

“I recently went through a divorce, and despite the tribulations, the outcome could not have been better – and it’s all thanks to Andrea. She was always up-front and honest with me and kept me engaged every step of the way. 5 stars for her and her team!”

Peter Chauch

“Lisa was honest, open-minded, a good listener, and efficient. She also doesn’t gouge you on fees, unlike other lawyers out there. I saw her last-minute due to a deadline that my ex’s lawyer was giving me, and Lisa worked on a detailed letter and didn’t even take lunch just to put me first. I also found the staff and location very convenient and warm. Highly recommended!”

Name Withheld

“Andrea is professional, very knowledgeable, and very capable to resolve issues. Her response is fast and she cares about customers’ feelings. Although the other side was very unreasonable and agressive, Andrea knew how to protect her client and resolved issues based on her customer’s needs and best interests.”

Kenny Chen

“Within the first 15 minutes, I sensed Andrea had the fight needed to help me.”

Cuzz Correia

“Efua Cobbina recently resolved a matter for me. When I retained her services, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. She kept me up to date of events that involved the progress of my matter and was able to resolve it to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend her services to anyone requiring assistance in a family law matter.”

Nora C.

“Lisa has represented our family through an aggressive fight and has been so amazing. She is an informed advisor and really works hard to do what’s right. I can’t say enough about how wonderful and hard working she is. Stop here, because you will never find a better lawyer!”
Name Withheld
“Ms. Di Battista possesses very important qualities that make her an excellent lawyer. Her knowledge, experience, integrity and honesty played a very crucial part of where I am today.”

Rosie Campana

“Andrea Di Battista demonstrated true commitment, proficiency and ability to find manageable resolutions in high complexity cases. The incredible dedication, charisma, intelligence, compassion and expertise will never be forgotten.”

Irina Ilmer

“Having a professional, dedicated and caring lawyer like Efua was an amazing experience. She explained the process well, step by step, and was always perfectly prepared at each court date. Thanks to her hard work, I got my favoured result. I highly recommend her as she proved her knowledge and skills during my stressful case.”


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