“Andrea’s high energy, exuberance, enthusiasm, knowledge of family law and desire to find the best outcomes for her clients is paramount to her success. She’s direct, honest, ethical, and open in her dealings with both clients and adversaries.

I always asked for her advice and insights as my case progressed, provided my own perspective and listened carefully to her opinions and advice. She was always highly respectful of my needs and perspective and provided coherent and well thought out advice.

At every turn, I ultimately followed her well-researched recommendations and the outcome resolved a potentially fraught set of circumstances with the minimum of angst.

Andrea is a treat to work with.”

Chris Lashbrook

“After four years of legal battles in family court (start of proceedings February 2018) with an unresponsive lawyer (and dishonest opposing counsel), I was feeling hopeless and disappointed and started searching for new representation. I came across the DKCG website and retained the services of lawyer Lisa Katz in September 2022. We reached a full and final settlement in July of 2023, less than a year after retaining her.

Lisa is super-responsive and is there every step of the way. She has demonstrated honesty, perseverance, dedication and fairness in all our interactions and she has gone above and beyond to achieve resolution when required. If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable, responsive, and tough when required lawyer, look no further. Her senior law clerk Christine was exceptional as well. DKGC is a great team all around. You will feel in good hands from the start and you will be confident that you are taken care of which is definitely a feeling you want in family court.

Lisa, thank you for all you have done for our family!”

David C.

“Oftentimes, family law can be a difficult area of law to seek assistance. Alex and her team took the extra time to look at my case and help me through it with great compassion, attention to detail and understanding as if they were in my shoes. I did not feel as if I was just “another file on the desk”. I would recommend their services to anyone seeking out assistance with family law. They are true professionals. Thank you, Alex and team.”

Mike Dean

“I cannot thank Efua Cobbina enough for what she has done. Her work can only be described as outstanding! She is a remarkable person who is dedicated to her work and commitment. She has a high degree of empathy, compassion and fastidious attention to detail. A lovely and genuine person who really cares.”

Nargis M.

“I had enlisted the services of Andrea Di Battista recently who helped me immensely as I was embroiled within an incredibly contentious divorce. Under her expertise and guidance, I felt well represented and informed as we navigated towards a favourable resolution.

Throughout my divorce, Andrea worked tirelessly and diligently as we faced unusually difficult circumstances. Her advocacy towards her clients is relentless as is her drive to deliver the best results possible within the confines of the law. I appreciated her candor, knowledge and professionalism and was thoroughly impressed with her composure and tact during the multiple proceedings we had to face. Although she leads a busy practice, Andrea would always be available via email or phone, finding a balance that made me, as her client, feel as if I was the only person she was representing. I found her to be extremely prepared when dealing with all stakeholders and the due diligence she performed always impressed.

Incredibly knowledgeable, Andrea is an expert in family law, able to cite exceptions and case law precedence at the right times, is confident and composed, assertive yet also compromising when needed. She has a formidable presence in front of opposing counsel and always knew how to approach each unique situation we faced. I am thankful for the guidance, representation and above all, support Andrea provided me.

I ought to mention that when choosing a legal representative, I interviewed many barristers primarily from top firms on Bay Street and throughout the GTA. I am a senior executive and consider myself to be discerning. Andrea Di Battista truly impressed me with her confidence, knowledge and ‘will-to-win’ attitude. I felt that I was extremely well represented, never misled and provided with the support needed through a very contentious divorce.

All told, Ms. Di Battista is intelligent, knowledgeable, assertive and possessing of a warrior spirit with the ability to get tangible and realistic results through deliberation, persuasion and communication. She is uncompromising in her representation and, ultimately, everything that I hoped to find (and needed) in a lawyer. I whole-heartedly recommend Andrea Di Battista as a family lawyer.”

Rami Mayer

“Lisa is from end-to-end a true professional. She helped me through a complicated high conflict divorce. She steered me away often from ledges, many of which I didn’t see coming, and fought furiously for me when it was necessary. Lisa is exactly who you want in your corner.”

Marc Bellefeuille

“Alex helped me greatly through a truly difficult time. Facing my abuser in court was horrifying, but with Alex’s knowledge and fierce presence, we got the best possible outcome for my family. I’m so grateful for her kindness and expertise. Literally couldn’t have done it without her!

Everyone at the office is pleasant and attentive with answering emails and gathering requested info, etc. I would recommend their services to anyone!”

Lily Monk

“I normally don’t write reviews unless I’m 100% sure the service I received was great. I can start off by saying, I saw several lawyers before I was recommended to Efua Cobbina at DKGC.

From the first consultation I had with Efua, she was assertive and listened to my concerns. She told me two important things that needed attention, didn’t promise me anything but told me what needed to be done. I went in not knowing my or my child’s rights, losing hope, with anxiety, and definitely no self-respect or knowing my boundaries.

I can say Efua worked extremely well in my case. She’s professional, passionate, direct – straight to the point, does not waste your time, very knowledgeable, extremely patient (which is very important in her field) and caring/understanding. Even in the tough times, she was able to make it into a positive. She helped me remain cool and collected throughout the process. Efua impacted my life in such a positive way that I’m no longer the same woman I was when I first met her. I came in being an emotional wreck to now a knowledgeable confident mom/woman.
I can go on with how amazing Efua is, and I am forever grateful to have her represent me and my child. If you are looking for an amazing, professional lawyer, I highly recommend Efua Cobbina.

Once again, Efua, thank you for everything.”

Sandra V.

“Andrea Di Battista is an experienced, knowledgeable, passionate and an amazing lawyer who has been completely supportive and understanding. My experience in getting her legal services for my divorce case was outstanding. I could not have been happier with my decision to use her in my divorce case. She spent time with me to explain every step and provided me with clear detailed information that I was able to understand. Her patience gave me the reassurance and confidence I needed to get through this matter. She was very quick in her responses and ensured that all my questions/concerns were addressed.

It is very important to settle a divorce case in a way that no aspects are left open regarding property, pension and child support, etc. Hiring Andrea’s service for me means no tension at all. Andrea is one of the few lawyers who actually fights for justice for their clients and cares for their clients. I am very glad to highly recommend Andrea Di Battista as the best family lawyer and also a genuine human being. She’s truly a gem.

Having the right lawyer by your side is the first step and I would not recommend seeing anyone else except Andrea Di Battista for family law matters. She knows exactly what she is doing and will provide sound advice depending on your status and situation.

Andrea, I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank you for all your efforts and assistance during my divorce proceedings. It has been a great pleasure having you as my attorney. All my needs were met and I am absolutely pleased and satisfied. Wish you all the very best in the future. Stay blessed!”

Anita Sethi

“Lisa was amazing in a time that was very difficult for me. She is professional, prompt and empathetic. She is well-written, spoken and knowledgeable. I felt supported, and her law clerk Christine is absolutely amazing as well. Family law and divorce is messy and full of emotion – their patience and guidance was exceptional. Thank you!”

Name Withheld

“Thank you, DKGC! Alexandrea Grant and team were super helpful in guiding me through some legal matters; helping me understand concepts that were over my head and were thorough in their explanations. The team was never rude, never pushy, and very patient with me throughout the entire process. Alex was very sympathetic, and as a result, took extra care with my legal matters. I highly recommend!”

Andrew Dunlop

“Having a professional, dedicated and caring lawyer like Efua was an amazing experience. She explained the process well, step-by-step, and was always perfectly prepared at each court date. Thanks to her hard work, I got my favoured result. I highly recommend her as she proved her knowledge and skills during my stressful case.”


“When it became apparent that I was going to face a legal battle to achieve a fair financial settlement in my divorce, I was very grateful to have Andrea Di Battista as my counsel. Her in-depth knowledge of family law, wise guidance, professionalism and integrity led me step-by-step through the challenges of reaching a fair settlement, even though we were dealing with an entitled ex-spouse who was very determined to overcome the fairness of the 50-50 division of the considerable assets involved.

Andrea is personable, empathetic, extremely bright and likeable, and also exceptionally articulate. She excels when addressing opposing counsel and Honourable Justices during litigation.

I am honoured to have had such an outstanding person as my counsel, and am pleased to highly recommend her.”

Catherine S.

“My lawyer Lisa was committed, timely, cared to get to know me, and most importantly was knowledgeable. It’s fair to say that this was a fairly stressful time for me, but one thing I didn’t stress about was the legal council I received. Lisa was able to individualize my experience in order to meet my particular needs, and I appreciated her honesty and expertise.”

Auni Boghossian

Alex Grant and team helped get me through an incredibly difficult situation, and I am deeply grateful. She delivered knowledgeable, attentive, compassionate, LGBT-inclusive and competitively priced service, always with consideration of keeping costs down. I was pleased with the outcome of my case. Overall, positive experience working with Ms. Grant.”

Jaclyn Isen

“Six months ago, I had an exceptional experience with Efua at DKGC Family Law. Her expertise in my child access matter was truly remarkable. She displayed unwavering professionalism, patience and kindness throughout the process. Her attentiveness and vast knowledge made a significant difference. I highly recommend her!”

Anthony M.

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